Wessex Ridgeway Relay

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Event rules
Notes on safety
Notes for the backup crew.

The table below contains a list of descriptions and photos for each leg.
NOTE: When you enter the event the CD will contain maps of the course in 1:25000 and 1:50000 scale along with an overall route map and photos

NOTE: the route is way-marked either using the Wessex Wyvern symbol shown above, or with new finger posts that have the Wyvern's tail on it:



Downloaded Route (GPS) Start leg OS Map reference


Tollard Royal to Shroton

Legs 1 and 2  ST945178


 Shroton to Okeford Beacon

Legs 1 and 2  ST864130


Okeford Beacon to Breech Wood Barn

Leg 3 ST813094


Breech Wood Barn to Alton Pancreas

Leg 4 ST753039


Alton Pancreas to Batcombe

Leg 5 ST698034


Batcombe to Breakheart Hill

Leg 6 ST635038


Breakheart Hill to Rampisham Masts

Leg 7 SY617989


Rampisham Masts to Mintern's Hill

Leg 8 ST549007


Mintern's Hill to Sheepwash Lane

Leg 9 ST486035


Sheepwash Lane to Venn Chapel

N/A ST424018


Venn Chapel to Coney's Castle

N/A ST391040


Coney's Castle to Uplyme

N/A SY372978 Finish at SY326935

Maps showing the whole route are in two parts, here and here.

To print most of the maps set the print orientation to landscape.
If you are using Internet Explorer it is under Files->Page Setup->Orientation
If you are using a different browser then you will have to figure it out yourself.

To John Gregory for putting on the original event.
To Jo Rickards for the photos used in the route descriptions.
To Mak and Spice for helping me re-survey the route during the winter.
To Emma who sacrifies a lie-in to help on the day.
and last, but by no means least, to Sandie who puts up with me disappearing at weekends and returning wet and muddy.
ã Chris Cussen 2007

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